Are you ready for Oxjam Beeston 2015?

OxjamFancy a sneak peak at the line up?

Well, here it is everyone, a quick look at your favourite artist. We are still putting a few things together and the full set times will be coming soon.

You can buy your tickets online now!


Jar Family, Esther Turner, Vanity Box, Strangler Figs, Lorna, The Outlines, Ryan Farmer, Catbone, Black Cats & Magpies, The Madeline Rust, The Protoneers, Blue Vulture, Paper Doves, Sam and Joe, The Harmonics, Chris Zwingel Trio, Robyn Hughes-Jones, The Mocking Jays, Joe Barber, No Disco, John Hardy, Anticure, Middle: 6, Josh Kemp, Emma Bladon Jones, Samuel.P, Oldish Spice, Crazy Heart, The Steve Coogan Experience, Simon York, Tierney, UP, Calm Man Club, Urban Riff, Feelings by Design, Kitty and the Cadillacs, The Halem Sessions, Brian Golbey,  Jelly, Goose McCoy, Donna Bentley, Midnight Special, Zombie Monroe, Kyle Hodgkinson, Fun with Numbers, RTS, 5thPier, Mick Stewart, Phil Langran Band, David J Newton, Nightwires, I am Jupiter, Stella Maris, Sophie Percival, Foule, Paul Walker, Moose Malloy, The Cluedo Club,  Paul Carbuncle, Fleets, Joel Price, Beeston Voices, Ed Edwards, SunnysideUpAdi, Richard Jenkins, Dogs in Caves, Lucia Holmes, Phil Matthews, Al Appleby, Tuesday Cooper-Collingwood, Luis Ogando, Dance Design, Megan Ashmore & Friends, Rock Choir, Isaac Bloomfield, Celia-Jayne Matthews, Andy Parr, The face that boils itself, Friends of Them, Lia White, Old, new, borrowed and blue, Barnie Rubblez, James Earl, FATE, Blue Shack, Rosh Rai, These Skies, Colin Tucker, Alan Windsor, Stringummyjig, Phil Harrison, AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

We’re delighted to have 15 venues this year featuring Bartons, Bean, Beeston Square, Beeston Victory Club, Chequers, Crown Inn, Fusion Cafe (Creative Corner), Greenhood, Hop Pole, Malt Shovel, Relish, Rye, Star Inn, The Bar, White Lion Bar & Kitchen.

There is music to suit all tastes from 12pm to 2am –  its an amazing day with a fantastic atmosphere. Help us to raise £10,000 for Oxfam by coming along.  Buy your ticket today!  Tickets are available from Oxfam Books & Music, Guitar Spot, Hop Pole, Rye and White Lion Bar & Kitchen (as well as online).